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OK... I'm curious.
How can I build Income For Life with a 7 minute video?
Do You Want A Personal Site?
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Global Domains International (GDI) offers to everyone on the planet a complete and low cost web site package that includes:
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This business info site is an example of what you can do with the easy to use WebSite Builder for a small business.

Personal... Family... Business... Hobby... Income Opportunity...
If you want a web site for any use, all you need to do is register your own domain or a domain with from GDI by using my affiliate link
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Step 2 - Register your chosen name
Step 3 - Set up your web site
Step 4 - Promote & Prosper

It's easy to remember one of my web sites... just add .ws to my name 
Click on my domain.
Step 3 Option
If you do not have time to set up a site, it takes only 1 minute to point your .WS domain to any sales page and instantly... just like that... SNAP ... in 1 minute you're in the domain registration business!!!
Sales page 1 -
Sales page 2 -
Sales page 3 - 7 Minute Movie

To see the prices for the .WS domain extension on Click Here and click on "Pricing" to see the non-affiliate prices.
Put your desired name into the form to see if your domain is available with the .WS extension.
The "New Users" sign up form is only for someone who does NOT want to get the affiliate package and price.
If you want the affiliate package price, click on the Affiliates link on the left side of the page.
When you see Enter Access Code:, use my "username" ... artell.
GDI affiliates can also register domains with extensions other than .WS from their own affiliate accounts in the member's area, and can choose several domain extensions including:
.ws, .com, .net,, .info, .mobi, .name, .us, .in, .cc, .cn, .bz, .tv, .la.
What this means to you as a GDI affiliate is that you and your downline can buy any of these domain extensions from GDI with your affiliate IDs... you do not need to buy domain names from any of the other domain registrars.


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