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The Goal Of
The goal of is to show you an easy way to make $$$ when others register their own Personal-Name.WS domains from your site... like my personal name site
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When you register your or your domain Address... For Life imagine this possibility:

  • Registering a domain for each child can earn every member of your Family their own Income... For Life. Do I hear you say... WOW ...Family Business?
  • Start TODAY to build a NEST EGG for each child or grandchild
  • This is a rock solid income opportunity with no hype.
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Register your domain with Global Domains International (GDI) today and start another income stream with domain registration and renewals month... after month... after month... after month... year after year... FOR LIFE.
Husband & Wife ... IMAGINE ... Possibilities ... 1 Downline ... 2 Paychecks
You can sign up your spouse in your downline... here's the financial benefit to both spouses:
You double your income with 1 downline...
With your spouse on your level 1, you and your spouse get $1 for everyone downline from your spouse.
Use the GDI income calculator

See what you can actually make downline by signing up only 1 on your 1st level (your spouse in this example)...

Then your spouse signs up others (only 10 in this example) on your 2nd level... and then double it, as you will see in the calculator simulation below.

Every time someone signs up with you, you have 7 days to transfer them to someone in your 5 level downline.

In this example, you will transfer them to your spouse and build your downline and your spouse's downline.
That way you and your spouse get 2 paychecks for 1 downline.
Of course, you will not have only 1 on your 1st level... have as many as you want on your 1st level... and on the 1st level of your spouse.
PS... What about the children?
When your spouse and children are added on your 1st level, well... I am sure you will be able to IMAGINE ... Possibilities for the whole family...
IMAGINE ... Possibilities ... 1 Spouse... 4 Children ... 5 Downlines ... 10 Paychecks
What if... your spouse and (grand)children are added on your level 1?
In addition to your spouse, you sign up children (4 in this example only) on your 1st level... here's the financial benefit:
You double your income 5 x (1 spouse... 4 children)...
You make what each person on your level 1 makes... 5 x (in this example)
With your spouse on your level 1, you and your spouse get $1 for everyone downline from your spouse.
With a 1st child on your level 1, you and child # 1 get $1 for everyone downline from child # 1.
With a 2nd child on your level 1, you and child # 2 get $1 for everyone downline from child # 2.
With a 3rd child on your level 1, you and child # 3 get $1 for everyone downline from child # 3.
With a 4th child on your level 1, you and child # 4 get $1 for everyone downline from child # 4.
Use the calculator to check the numbers with 2 to 10 on your level 5.
Of course, have as many as you want on your own 1st level... on your spouse's 1st level... and on level 1 of child # 1... child # 2...  child # 3... and child # 4... etc.
For children, consider setting up a legal entity such as a "Living Trust" to represent each child individually... check with GDI and your legal advisor about a "Living Trust" for each child.


How Much $$$ Will You Earn Every Month... With ONLY 6 On Your GDI Level 1?
What if... you have ONLY 6 on your GDI level 1... and your downline duplicates you?
The calculator simulation above is an example of the "monthly income" you will get from ONLY 6 on your GDI level 1 referring ONLY 6 affiliates.
Does this look doable to you?
Is earning $9330.00 of residual income every month within your "reality grasp" as you build your GDI Team?
So... would you like a $10,000 raise?
If you think that a 6x6 downline monthly and residual income is within your "reality grasp"  and doable... check out a 7x7 downline income on the calculator!
Does this look doable to you too...?
What if... you have ONLY 6 on your GDI level 1... and your downline duplicates you?
Monthly Residual Income With GDI 5-Level Affiliate Marketing Network
Number of People You Directly Refer
Your Own Monthly Earnings
Number of People Each Team Member Refers
Your Share of Team Earnings
Your Accumulated Total Monthly Earnings
Register Your Domain Today!
Register your domain ONLY with from GDI to POSITION yourself NOW... TODAY... to get a BIG piece of this multi-billion dollar global market that will include ongoing 500+ million domain renewals every year... for life!

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ONLY GDI can put your Personal-Name to work earning $$$ for you... For Life when you offer others Domain Registration from your web site, either part-time or as a full-time internet business.



Reasons To Register Your First & Last Name


 No Up Front Investment

Start out without risking ANY capital. You can get started for $0.
 The First Week Is FREE

Your first 7 days is on GDI. After your free week, you pay only $10 a month to keep your .ws name.

 No Commitment

You are not required to commit to any long term contracts. There is no cancellation fee or a penalty if you decide having a personal name domain For Life or a domain registration business is not for you.

 No Sales or Technical Experience Necessary

After you register your personal name domain, you do not need any special sales or technical experience to run your own domain registration business. This allows anyone who has always dreamed of having their own business get started.

 Stress-Free Work, Home Based, Part-time or Full-time, Flexible Hours

You can work on your domain registration internet business anywhere and anytime from the comfort of your home on a part-time or full-time basis.

 Unconditional Guarantee

Global Domains International is so confident in the domain registration product that if you are not happy, "unregister" your personal domain name at any time since domain registration is "month to month", not for 12 months.

 No Royalties or Transaction Charges

You are not required to pay GDI any royalties or pay for any transactions since there are no transactions between you and your affiliate customers. All monthly transactions are between the individual who purchases the monthly registered domain name and GDI.

 Strong, Reputable, Reliable Company

GDI has been serving thousands of customers since 1998.

 Easy To Use Technology

The  GDI affiliate package has been designed so that it can be used by people of any skill set to monetize their domain. You do not need to know anything about computers, HTML or e-commerce.

 On-Going Support

You are never left stranded. The GDI friendly and helpful support staff is very responsive.

 500+ MILLION Domain Names and Web Sites = Profit
With more than 300 million people in the United State alone... how many will register their domain names in the years to come?
Experts are predicting that in a few years more than 500+ million domain names and web site addresses will be active worldwide every year!
 Annual Domain Renewals = Income For Life
WOW! Imagine... Income for Life!
Yes, you can register the .WS domain with domain sellers like or, for example, but you will NOT be paid For Life, if at all, for registering the .WS domain with them!
Compare the offers & prices for a domain name, 1 to 10 email addresses and a web site builder with web site hosting, then compare their prices with the $10 per month affiliate package price!
To see the .WS non-affiliate pricing on Click Here  After checking to see if your domain is available, click on the Affiliates page. Use my access code... artell.
ONLY with GDI can you monetize your domain every time you recommend to others.

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